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Global Institute for IT management


Global Institute for IT management

BITTI biedt de unieke mogelijkheid tot internationale IT Management training met onder meer Prof. dr. Jerry Luftman en Barry Derksen MSc MMC CISA CGEIT. In deze internationale training behandelen wij de 'need to know' voor IT managers en executives.

Hierna een introductie (Engelstalig), meer informatie in de brochure die u via deze link kunt vinden.

Managers need to know how to
• Leverage IT for business value
• Prepare for the evolving IT management landscape
• Develop and groom IT staff to take on more management
• Prepare a scalable strategy and associated plans to meet capacity & business/environmental demands
• Establish effective IT governance programs; develop a business investment plan, with options; how are these alternatives assessed and allocated resources
• Measure ITs contribution to the business (e.g., ROI, TCO, TVO, Balanced
• Scorecard); IT financial management
• Anticipate sourcing strategies; considerations for insourcing or outsourcing (e.g., Capex Vs Opex, build a
facility, risk evaluation, onshore/near shore/far shore, vendor selection)
• Build an optimal operational and technical plan in harmony with the strategic plan and growth initiatives
• Manage emerging technologies; what are they and how can they be leveraged in the business
• Effectively manage change and their associated risks (within the business and IT)
• Plan the right team and organizational structure
• Enhance client vendor/service provider alignment; strategic, tactical and operational Governance & contract
• Establish a partnership with the business and strategic external partners
• Improve key IT processes (e.g., managing analytics, security, continuity, problems, availability, information
• Leverage current and emerging IT trends for industry optimization (e.g., financial services, pharmaceuticals,
healthcare, government, manufacturing, transportation)
• Drive innovation and entrepreneurship; apply frameworks of best practices that derive competitive advantage
• Implement effective IT Human Resource initiatives