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Porter and Security


Porters’ Elements for a Business Information Security Strategy

Hackers and negative social media hypes have proven able to bring proud organizations to their knees, yet many information and communications technology (ICT) security managers lack a strategy to anticipate and overcome such unpredictable challenges. A survey conducted among key people in the ICT security field
reveals how perilously far behind their strategic thinking has fallen and what managers and board members can do to catch up.

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about the author:
Yuri Bobbert is professor at NOVI University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and Ph.D. researcher
at Antwerp University (Belgium) in the field of business information security governance and management. Bobbert is also nonexecutive director
of DPA|B-Able, a security governance consulting
firm. In 2010, Bobbert published Maturing Business Information Security (MBIS), a framework to establish
the desired state of security maturity. In 2015, Bobbert will publish his book How Safe Is My ‘Share’?